Behind the Literature

Don’t you think books are living organisms of this life? I can sometimes literally feel them breathe and come to life. It has always been the magic of books for me—their power to betray their soulless existence and make the readers feel their stories are happening right in front of them.

I’ve always had a great fascination with books, and I couldn’t think of any way to glorify that fascination in the 21st century than make a website about it. Hopefully, this site will open the eyes of the millennials about how inspiring it is to consume books rather than what they see on social media.

Behind every great book is an even greater story. Most of the times, the adventures we found in the books are the same journeys our authors took or were seeking at the time they wrote the stories.

Much is the same approach I would have for this site. My journey will reflect on every story we discuss and every book I consume. My adventure will begin the first time I open the book and will continue long after I finished reading the story.

You can find more about me by reading the contents of this site than merely taking on a short About Me page. I also have some contact info on hand, just in case there’s a need to get in touch with me.

I purely hope you enjoy navigating the site as much as I enjoyed making it.