Review the Zyppah For a Sleep Solution After Late Night Reading

I personally love to read at night before going to sleep. Unfortunately, my partner is a bigtime snoring machine, and he tends to drift off to sleep earlier than me. What happens is I’m left listening to his snores instead of falling asleep myself. It also prevents me from devouring the books I would have read otherwise if he wasn’t snoring too loudly.SnoringAnd since I couldn’t very well sleep with snores right near my ears, I end up browsing the Internet for a variety of stuff. Until one day, I chanced upon a review the zyppah, which was a MOUTHGUARD-FOR-SNORING device. I learned that there is a way for me to be able to sleep peacefully beside my husband.

The Snore Eliminator

There is probably no cooler slogan in the market now than Zyppah’s “snoring eliminator” tag. Just by hearing the phrase, you can begin imagining a night spent peacefully reading the literature you have been craving for.

Basically, Zyppah is an FDA-cleared, self-molded, boil-and-bite oral appliance that is effective, safe and easy to use. It focuses its attention on two solutions to your snoring problems—tongue stabilization and mandibular repositioning.

According to, which has a great zyppah review, this nifty little tool has a patent-pending elastic that holds and stabilizes the tongue so that it won’t fall back into the throat and opens the airway during sleep. The tongue, then, can relax during sleep.

An unrelaxed tongue is the primary cause of snoring. That’s why we snore more when we lie on our back. Once this is eliminated, there is a stronger chance you won’t have to suffer from snoring ever again.

Then, Zyppah also uses the mandibular repositioning or adjustment technology. It means advancing the jaw forward by partially opening the airway. It moves the lower jaw forward during sleep, so that the airflow can be improved and will thus reduce the snoring sounds.

Although the second method is effective, there are limits to how far you can adjust one’s lower jaw. But don’t fret, Zyppah is a boil and bite mouth guard as well, so it can be custom fitted to your teeth.SnoringYou can read more reviews of zyppah, and see for yourself how this little gadget can help achieve a more peaceful night for you and your partner.

You don’t have to suffer from a partner who snores too loudly, as well as your partner doesn’t have to toss and turn the whole night if you’re the one who snores. With Zyppah, all these problems will be addressed.